Executive Protection

Why better coverage is a better value

Most insurance companies sell insurance products. The Mogil Organization and the Mogil Group North operate a little differently.

Because of our long-standing relationships with elite insurers such as Chubb & Son, Fireman’s Fund, AIG Private Client Services, Ace Ins. Co. and others, we don’t have to rely on off-the-shelf products. Instead, we custom design insurance protection programs for our clients featuring significantly higher coverage limits, a broader range of choices and truly responsive service, all at rates that will surprise you.

The Mogil Organization and the Mogil Group North’s personalized insurance protection services for executives include homeowner, preferred auto, group excess liability and estate and asset planning programs. For those clients who prefer it, we we offer a single statement option at no additional cost on an annual or semiannual basis, eliminating the need to deal with multiple premium invoices. You have only one check to write.

In reviewing your existing policies, we operate with a number of goals in mind:

  • to spot weaknesses in coverage that leave you, your family, and your assets vulnerable
  • to find opportunities to enhance coverage without necessarily increasing costs
  • to ensure that your current levels of asset protection reflect current values


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