Q: If I report a loss, will my premium go up, or will my policy non-renew?
A: We will review your claim history, discuss the account with your Mogil Organization representative and call you back as soon as possible with the appropriate answer.

Q: What kind of claims do you handle?
A: The Mogil Organization handles all claims reported to us, covered by your present policies. We monitor every claim presented to us from beginning to when a client is in receipt of payment from the insurance company and thereafter. If there are any questions, and or problems that have arisen, we are here to follow through for a final resolution with the insurance carrier.

Q: If I report a loss, do I pay a deductible?
A: Yes, your deductible applies on every first party claim. In many cases if you were not responsible for the damages your insurance company will subrogate your loss against the other parties insurance carrier to try and get your deductible back.

Q: If I am sued, does my insurance company protect my interest?
A: Under your insurance policy (Homeowners, Auto, General Liability) a law firm will be assigned to defend the allegations presented in the lawsuit.

Q: If the Mogil Organization’s office is closed for Holidays, or weekends, how do I report a claim?
A: You can call the insurance carrier directly or click on the appropriate link in our Resources Section.

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