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North Korea had help with Sony hack says FBI
While North Korea is still the prime suspect in the investigation into the cyber attack against Sony Pictures, it may not have been working alone. As the FBI continues to look into the incident an insider says that North Korea may not have the capability to have launched the attack without help. They are considering the possibility that outside hackers were hired to carry out the cyber breach according to the source, although the official line is still that it was an attack by North Korea and there is “no credible evidence that any other individual is responsible”. Various theories are emerging surrounding the attack with cybersecurity firm Norse suspecting that a Sony insider was involved.

Will 2015 be the year climate change reaches more boardroom agendas?
It’s been an important year for climate change with increased co-operation between many nations, most notably China and the US. With the UN summit in Paris next year it is highly likely that 2015 will become increasingly important to businesses at all levels as consensus on regulation is reached between UN nations and local laws begin to be shaped accordingly. An article at theguardian.com sets out some trends for 2015 as forecast by Aman Singh, who helps businesses with sustainability strategy communications. She believes that the coming year will see a greater emphasis on climate change with an acceptance that it is ‘real’ and businesses focusing on making operations climate friendly. There will also be a shift, she says, from companies being advocates of greener operations to being activists for the cause. She also expects to see businesses future-proofing to ensure that the way they operate is in line with changing opinions and regulations.

Ebola case identified in Scotland
The first case of Ebola to be diagnosed in the UK has been confirmed in Scotland. The patient, who has not been named, is a health worker who has recently returned from treating Ebola victims in Sierra Leone. She contacted the health service after suffering from a fever and has been taken to a specialist treatment unit in London. As she is said to be in the early stages of the illness, the prognosis is good. The news brings the risk of Ebola cases back to the fore and reminds businesses of the need to assess the potential risk from an employee or customer being diagnosed with the illness.

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Posted: Dec. 31st

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