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Lawyer says courts are equipped to handle cyber risks
The growing risk from cyber threats is higher on the agendas of governments and businesses than ever before but the judiciary may have some catching up to do. While hacking and other methods of compromising data are a big part of the online risk there is also the matter of cyber-bullying. This is not just the domain of school children, adults can be perpetrators and victims too. Kenneth A Linzer of law firm Hobart Linzer, writing for techcrunch.com says that the use of apps and services that allow users anonymity make it hard for cyber-bullies to be identified, especially without the co-operation of the courts. Internet service providers are not usually able to hand over information about users without a court order, due to privacy laws. The process of getting courts to order identification of a user can be cumbersome and lengthy, which only adds to the stress of the victim. Linzer calls for a streamlined process which would speed up detection of those involved in cyber-bullying (and any criminal activity online). Read the full story.

US, Canada, Australia among those to survive climate change apocalypse
Ten countries have been identified as being most prepared for climate change and likely to survive potentially apocalyptic consequences. Researchers Eco Experts have ranked 178 countries for their readiness for climate change with Norway topping the list. New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Australia, UK, US, Germany and Iceland complete the top 10. Central Africa and parts of the Middle East are least prepared. The study considered location, carbon footprint and national resources together with both ‘vulnerability’ and ‘readiness’.

International insurers prepare to gather in Bahrain
Representatives from the international insurance industry will be gathering in Bahrain early next month for the Middle East Insurance Forum. MEIF begins on the 3rd February and will see around 500 industry thought leaders meeting to discuss the pressing issues facing the industry in the region and worldwide. Among the discussions will be the use of technology to increase business performance.

by Insurance Business | Jan 20, 2015


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