Assailant coverage evolves as shootings rise

By Matthew Lerner | September 01, 2022

Interest in active assailant insurance coverage has risen among an expanding range of organizations in the wake of several recent mass shootings.

Most demand comes from businesses and organizations in the United States, which has seen high-profile shootings in New York, Texas, Illinois and elsewhere over the past several months. U.S. policyholders account for 80% or more of the coverage bought, experts say. 

The insurance products, which were often called active shooter policies when they were launched about seven years ago, have been expanded and wider definitions applied as attackers employed different methods including knife and vehicle attacks.

There is “absolutely” more interest in this coverage, said Morgan Shrubb, New York-based head of terrorism for Axa XL, a unit of Axa SA. Her team now offers active assailant coverage on all of its quotes for terrorism insurance and the take-up rate has doubled this year, she said.… read more > “Assailant coverage evolves as shootings rise”