Race, Class and Traffic Deaths

A surge in vehicle crashes is disproportionately harming lower-income families and Black Americans.

Aug. 23, 2022

Vehicle crashes seem as if they might be an equal-opportunity public health problem. Americans in every demographic group drive, after all. If anything, poor families tend to rely more on public transportation and less on car travel.

Yet vehicle deaths turn out to be highly unequal. Lower-income people are much more likely to die in crashes, academic research shows. The racial gaps are also huge — even bigger on a percentage basis than the racial gaps on cancer, according to the C.D.C.

The unequal toll from crashes is particularly notable now because the U.S. is experiencing an alarming increase in vehicle deaths. Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary, recently called it “a national crisis of fatalities and serious injuries on our roadways.” And the toll is falling most heavily on lower-income Americans and Black Americans.… read more > “Race, Class and Traffic Deaths”

NYC comptroller denies all 4,703 claims over flooding from Ida

By: Aliza Chasan | August 17, 2022

Damage to the side of a building from the remnants of Hurricane Ida is shown on Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021 in the Queens borough of New York. Three people were killed when several feet of water collapsed the wall to their basement apartment and flooded the apartment. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

NEW YORK (PIX11) — New York City’s comptroller’s office shot down the thousands of people who filed financial claims against the city in the wake of Hurricane Ida.

Historic flooding from the drenching downpours destroyed the homes of many in 2021. In the aftermath, 4,703 people filed complaints with the city because of the flooding, as first reported by THE CITY. Each complaint was denied, a spokesperson for Comptroller Brad Lander’s office said. Letters went out to New Yorkers explaining that New York is not legally responsible.

“For over a century, courts have held that municipalities across the state of New York, including the City of New York, are not liable for damage from ‘extraordinary and excessive rainfalls,’” Lander wrote to New Yorkers in the denial letter.… read more > “NYC comptroller denies all 4,703 claims over flooding from Ida”

Cyber Captives 101: Is Self-Insuring the Right Risk Mitigation Choice for Your Business?

Cyber coverage is tightening. Could captives be the safety valve for businesses looking to manage this ever-threatening risk?

Courtney DuChene | June 1, 2022

Bring up cyber insurance coverage in any board room and you’re likely to be met with heavy sighs.

Policy rates are increasing as insurers struggle to make cyber lines profitable. Policy terms are tightening and risk managers everywhere are starting to feel the pinch on their risk-transfer pocketbooks.

“We have certainly noticed an uptick in the anxiety levels in many of the clients I spoke to about cyber solutions going forward and yet still the same anxiety stems from the exposure, the vulnerability and the fact that they are as yet unsure where their captive coverage begins and what role the captive could or should play,” said Adrian Lynch, executive vice president, North America, Bermuda and Cayman at Artex Risk Solutions, Gallagher’s wholly-owned subsidiary for alternative risk and captives.… read more > “Cyber Captives 101: Is Self-Insuring the Right Risk Mitigation Choice for Your Business?”