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25 Years: The Journey of Cyber Insurance

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25 Years: The Journey of Cyber Insurance

Kurtis Suhs | July 6, 2022

While young underwriters may think that cyber insurance is a recent coverage innovation, the line is actually more than two decades old. Here, Kurtis Suhs, a veteran of the cyber insurance industry who served as an investigator and criminal coordinator for the FDIC early in his career and later as a broker for INSUREtrust in the late 1990s, gives a personal account of the development of the cyber insurance industry from his vantage point and assessment of the market today.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the cyber insurance market.

While many industry observers view cyber coverage as a surging phenomenon in response to escalating incidence of random attacks, the first cyber policy was envisioned and crafted in 1997 to address a then perceived risk identified by financial regulators. The journey of cyber insurance launched to protect against a little-known exposure of Internet fraud related to cyber risk is today the hottest, fastest growing sector of the world’s insurance markets.

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