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Perspective | How Insurance Underwriters Can Be Reasonable When the Government Is Not

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By: Roger Crombie | February 22, 2022

I’m glad 2021 is over. It was a very bad year.

The plague-related horrors that so many faced didn’t much affect me. I work from home and rarely leave at the best of times.

No, my 2021 owed its unique stink to the authorities. Regular readers may recall that financial insufficiency in later life has been my greatest fear. I shouldn’t have tempted fate by mentioning it: Last summer, government involvement bankrupted me, temporarily anyway.

Rather like the tale of Jericho and Joshua, it was decided that the walls of my apartment building should come tumbling down and be replaced, to improve fire safety.

From Detour, a 1945 movie: “Fate, or some mysterious force, can put the finger on you or me, for no good reason at all.”

My sudden ruin was not my fault — but then all bankrupts say that, I would imagine.

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