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Congratulations to Samirah Horton on being recognized as 1 of the 5 finalists for Time and Nickelodeon Kid of the Year!

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Samirah is the daughter of our C.O.O. Sonya Horton and has spent the last several years traveling to various schools and talking to children about anti-bullying. In addition, Samirah is also known as DJ Annie Red, and is currently the DJ for the Brooklyn Nets. We are all so proud of Samirah and her accomplishments!


Samirah Horton uses music to take a stand against bullying. Courtesy Photo

From the age of 6, Samirah Horton, also known as DJ Annie Red, was picked on by her peers for the things that made her different—her raspier voice, her unique sense of style, and her unwavering confidence in herself. Rather than giving up, Horton decided to pick up a mic and make sure other children knew they weren’t alone. “I didn’t want other kids to go through that experience,” says Horton, “especially at a very young age.”

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