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Families have to proceed cautiously with Auto and Property Insurance matters affecting young adults going to college.

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Is your kid/s

Living on campus with no regular access to a car?

Driving regularly at college, or is commuting / attending a school nearby?

Covered when he/she wants or needs to drive a car?


If your child is away at school we need to make sure you have Off Premises Theft included on your policy.

Now is the time to contact us to discuss your insurance needs.

(212) 252-7100

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Your Money: How to wade into the daunting waters of flood insurance

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By Beth Pinsker

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Donna Childs recently bought a home in Rhode Island about 5 minutes from the Pocasset River, and, despite past flooding, everyone told her she did not need flood insurance.

As a risk management expert, she knew better.

“I’m far from the water, but basically for the cost of a Starbucks (coffee), I can have insurance,” Childs, author of “Prepare for the Worst, Plan for the Best,” said in a recent interview.

Many people decide to invest in flood insurance policies after a scary weather event. But sometimes they let the insurance lapse because it is too expensive, and also because they might misunderstand that familiar term from news and weather reports, “100-year flood.”

It is natural to think that “100-year flood” means that once a big flood hits, you then have 99 more years before you have to worry about another one. But what it actually refers to is a flood event that has a 1 percent chance of occurring in any given year, said Lynne McChristian, consultant with the Insurance Information Institute and a professor of risk management at Florida State University.

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