Pokémon Go fantasy game creates real-life vulnerabilities

As if texting and e-mail weren’t enough to capture people’s attention as they are walking or driving, now Pokémon Go is creating yet another reason to take your eyes off the road or not watch where you’re walking in the airport, at the mall or on the street.

It’s only been available for two weeks in the United States, but Pokémon Go has become the latest technology craze to mesmerize gamers of all ages.

The game allows players to cross over from the fantasy world of Pokémon to explore the real world as they look for creatures with names such as Diglett, Ponyta and Doduo, which can appear anywhere ― on someone’s shoulder, along a walkway, in a trashcan or behind a light pole.

The app was created by San Francisco-based software developer Niantic Labs, and can either be downloaded from the Pokémon website or through Google Play, which required users to login via their Google credentials, giving the app access to all of a users’ Google-related information such as Gmail, Google Docs and Google Photos, or through iTunes for the iOS platform.

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4 steps to creating a safer workplace

One serious on-the-job injury can potentially cost a business owner tens of thousands of dollars in wage-replacement costs, replacement-hire costs, regulatory fines and lost productivity.

One important way insurance agents can provide a valuable service that strengthens their client relationships is to help business owners establish a culture of workplace safety.

In addition to reducing the risk of incurring injury-related expenses, making the necessary investments to become a safer workplace can save a company money over the long-run. The Occupational Safety and Health Association estimates that business owners can save $4 to $6 for every dollar invested in a safety program. Also, many workers’ compensation insurance carriers offer discounts to companies that have workplace safety plans, which can result in lower premium costs.

Creating a culture of workplace safety often starts with a written plan that demonstrates a business’ commitment to make it a strategic priority. Fortunately, OSHA and some insurance carriers provide free resources, tools and services that agents can offer to help their clients get started.… read more > “4 steps to creating a safer workplace”