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10 things drivers have to pay for when they only have minimum liability insurance

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Opting for your state’s minimum liability car insurance may be fine if you only want to comply with the insurance laws required to get behind the wheel.

But you’ll have to buy more coverage, higher liability limits and comprehensive and collision insurance, if you want protection from other highway riskswhile safeguarding all your financial assets.

Here are 10 things that you may have to pay for with only a bare-bones policy:

1. Severe damage to others

The other driver or drivers can sue if you’re involved in a major accident. Found to be at fault and you could be responsible for all the expenses tied to the crash, from property damage to hospital costs. An insurer will pay up to your coverage limits, but the rest could be on you. Your savings, property and even wages may be targeted.

States have different liability minimums, but the Insurance Information Institute (III) says many are similar to New York’s, which break down like this:

  • $25,000 per injured person for bodily injury.
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