New York City traffic guide for Pope Francis visit

During the pope’s visit, Manhattan drivers will face dozens of street closures on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side, in midtown and in TriBeCa.

Meanwhile, users of public transportation may also face changes to more than two dozen bus routes, though transit authorities say they may be adding additional commuter and subway trains.

Despite this, transportation experts say New York City will be able to handle the crowds for the pope’s visit far better than other cities on his trip with less mass transit, like Philadelphia. Many of the pope’s scheduled stops, at Madison Square Garden and the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, for example, are also close to major subway hubs.

“New York is not Philadelphia or Washington,” said Mitchell Moss of the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation. “The vast majority of New Yorkers will function quite well. The subways are a great savior in this.”

He added that the city is also used to taking in massive crowds for events that range from political conventions to concerts.… read more > “New York City traffic guide for Pope Francis visit”

The 5 insurance facts that all college-bound students need to know

Getting a student ready to send off to college for the first time can be a lot of work.

From student orientations, to the buying of necessary supplies, to preparing financial aid forms, parents and students face many tasks before the start of the school year.

Add insurance coverage to the pre-college to-do list.

Instead of showing up for school with a suitcase and a beat-up sofa, the modern student also bears the responsibility of bringing a laptop or tablet, or perhaps a refrigerator, television or other expensive gadgets along to school. That means as parents send off their sons and daughters off to school, it is important to make sure that they (and all of their stuff) are properly covered by insurance.

Click through the following slides for tips to help parents of college-bound students prepare to send their child to school.

Most students are already covered, but it doesn’t hurt to check

For many students living on campus, additional coverage isn’t necessary because the student should be covered under their parents’ homeowners’ policy.

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